1. Pack & Ship
    Lakes Shipping is an authorized USPS, FedEx, Spee Dee, and DHL Shipping Center. Speciality Packaging and Custom Boxes are available
    Pack & Ship
  2. Mailbox Rentals
    As a registered Commercial Postal Agent, Lakes Shipping offers customers personal mailboxes. In addition to US Postal mail, these boxes can receive FedEx, UPS, DHL, and packages from any other Shipping Company
    Mailbox Rentals
  3. Secured Storage
    The IRS mandates all businesses hold on to 7 years’ worth of business records. Lakes Shipping offers customers secured climate controlled storage of these documents.
    Secured Storage
  4. Direct Ship Program
    Members of Lakes Shipping's Direct Ship Program can have packages safely delivered to our store. This prevents theft, loss, or weather damage.
    Direct Ship Program
  5. Secured Destruction
    Lakes Shipping has contracted with Minnkota Enviro Services to offer Secured Document Destruction, to protect your personal and business privacy.
    Secured Destruction
  6. Custom Office Supplies
    Make your brand stand out from the competition. Lakes Shipping offers customized supplies. Stamps, Letterheads, Envelopes, Labels, etc.
    Custom Office Supplies